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The Unnoticed Shopify Theme Design

When a shopper comes to your Shopify website, one of the main things you want to know is: Do I want people to notice my Shopify ecommerce design? This is a subtle yet critical question. Now, if you’re an artist, … Continued

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Sweet ROI on Shopify Marketing 360®

Ben never had any doubt about creating wonderful maple syrup.  He started when he was 5 years old. But he had plenty of doubt about investing in digital marketing.  Yes, he wanted to get more sales on his Shopify ecommerce … Continued

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Marketing Beyond Price

Seth correctly says: We always think about the cost of an item before we buy it, but we don’t buy it because of what it costs. This statement is loaded with significance for marketing strategy.  Seth goes on to note … Continued

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Shopify Themes and Customer Contact

We commonly get questions at Shopify Marketing 360® about contact information on the site.  Specifically, should we have a contact email, chat line, and phone number? It’s a pertinent question because many ecommerce websites managed by individuals or small businesses … Continued

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Mom, Pop, and Transactional Trust

We get a lot of ecommerce start-ups using Shopify themes that qualify as a “Mom and Pop” shop. “Mom and Pop” is the term used for a small, local, privately run business, often referred to in the context of facing … Continued

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How to Advertise Without Solicitation

We recently wrote about how actor Matthew McConaughey, in creating a marketing campaign for Wild Turkey, plans to advertise without soliciting.  He claims that millennials and other digital natives can “smell” solicitation and avoid it. He’s got a point.  Much … Continued

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What’s Your Product’s Story?

How do you get people to remember your shopify theme?  Will buyers think of your products when they need them? This question is not just about what you sell.  It’s about the story you create. Your first thought is:  Wait! … Continued

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You can buy this from anyone…

…so why not buy it from me? We recently had a Shopify lead who wanted to start an ecommerce website selling major brand basketball shoes like Nike and Adidas.  The same shoes you can buy at Dicks, Amazon, and Wal-Mart. … Continued

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