Digital Marketing Analytics

Get a bird's eye view of your digital marketing analytics to see what's working and what's not in one place.

Digital Marketing Analytics allows you to compare all of your marketing channels in one place. After all, marketing is about doing more of what's working and less of what's not!

To get more sales, do more of what's working.

The key to marketing is to do more of what's working and less of what's not. The only way to do this is to truly understand what's driving you the most results. The beauty of digital marketing is everything is trackable. This allows you to see exactly where your best ROI is in terms of digital marketing channels. The hard part is comparing all of your channels in one, easy-to-understand place. The Digital Marketing Analytics section within the Shopify Marketing 360® platform makes this easy so you can generate more sales for less.

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Wow, it makes analytics easy.

With Digital Marketing Analytics, it only takes minutes to see what's working!

Simply login to Marketing 360® at any time to monitor results or call or email your Marketing Executive whenever you'd like and they'll send the report you need. Digital Marketing Analytics simplifies analytics so you can clearly compare different marketing channels and determine what's performing and what's not. This allows you to funnel more of your marketing budget into the channels that drive you the highest ROI.

Powerful analytics software for online stores.

Compare Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility™ across channels.

Compare the visibility, clickability and convertibility™ of your different digital marketing channels to see which ones are driving the most views, visits and results so you can execute better marketing based on data and not guesswork.

Use the budget estimator to project results in seconds.

The budget estimator helps you determine what kind of results you'll get based on your budget. The tool uses your past data to forecast future results. See what your projections are if you move your budget up or down in seconds.

Compare KPIs across all digital channels over any time-frame.

Track and compare key performance indicators across any digital marketing channel over any time period to see if the trend is going up or down. This is a fast and easy way to see how things are progressing with your digital marketing.

Online Marketing That Walks the Walk

All the marketing and traffic to your Shopify ecommerce site is great.  A triumph.

But traffic is, ultimately, only a means to an end.  Marketing creates awareness, and that awareness must convert into profit.

Some people hate marketing.  It’s like the person who is all talk and no action.  And in the past, if was often difficult to understand what was being said.  Marketing has a history of being difficult to directly tie to ROI and profits.

Digital Marketing Data

The era of digital marketing has completely changed this.  With online marketing tied to an ecommerce site, it’s possible to track where every sale came from and how it happened.

Digital marketing analytics can tell you:

  • What the demographics (gender, age, interests, location) of your buyers is.
  • What keyword search queries resulted in sales.
  • The performance of all ads and listings that result in sales.
  • The behavior of visitors on specific landing pages.
  • The navigation flow of your website visitors, including how long they stay on pages and where they exit your website.

All of this data can be directly connected to the sales performance on your website.  Finally, Shopify marketing that walks the walk.

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